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Our  Mission Statement:

"Our family owned, and operated business was founded on the idea that our family and yours deserves a clean, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. We are proud to provide high quality, customer service, commitment to health, and thoroughly tested products. Our goal is to be the brand you trust with not only your health and wellbeing, but your family and friends as well. Boosted Extracts are made by our family, with your family in mind."


  • Founded and medicating Arizona medical cardholders since 2019. Boosted Extract's Lab works directly out of the DUO farm.
  • Boosted Extracts is proud to provide patients with clean concentrates, made solely from DUO flower. Boosted’s head extractor is ethically aware and genuinely provides the top medicine with a prestine and healthy reputation.
  • Boosted Extracts are extensively tested before distribution and test results are provided to all dispensaries which can be reviewed upon request

Boosted Extracts Review
-Review by Cannabis Cactus Magazine

You can find Boosted Extracts shatter, batter, cartridges, rosin, and crumble in many Arizona dispensaries and their availability is growing every day!

Boosted Extracts and DUO Cannabis work hand in hand in the Arizona cannabis industry. We are partner firms growing together within the industry to bring high quality top of the line organic cannabis flower and extracts to our communities.

We are conscious of the threat to consumers for the exposure of unhealthy vape cartidges, but we want to assure you that Boosted Extract's products are clean and healthy. We assure the extractor genuinly cares about consumer safety and only provides the cleanest, highest quality cartridges available.   

Find our Boosted Extracts at the following dispensaries in Arizona:

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