Boosted Extracts Diamonds and DUO Cannabis... the ultimate in pre-rolled bliss. THC lovers get ready, we are coming for you in short order. Check back soon for dispensaries carrying DUO PRIMO!

Like their cousin the DUO Primo is infused... with a little extra bling!

Yes, those are DIAMONDS you see on the outside. THC lovers are in for a treat. Flower, Extract, Kief, Diamonds, Terps galore.


A collaboration between DUO Cannabis and Boosted Extracts. We take the organically grown DUO Cannabis flower to create tasty pre-rolls and go one step further with this premium product and add the tasty terps of Boosted Extracts. There is nothing better than lighting it up and having a smooth consistent burn and taste. There are a variety of strains available including a House Blend. Check the dispensary list to see if your local dispensary is carrying DUO Sticks, if they are not, ask them why they are missing out?

Hand crafted, hand packaged, and hand delivered to local dispensaries looking to provide the best to their consumers. DUO Cannabis and Boosted Extracts pride themselves on high quality product and making sure that everything that goes out to a vendor/customer is something we ourselves would select. All products are tested through state certified labs and all testing is provided to dispensaries upon ordering.

Do Unto Others is our motto, taking care of and treating each plant, each product as if it is going to our family means everyone who uses any of the DUO Cannabis or Boosted Extracts line becomes an extension of our family.

Our pre-rolled DUO Sticks can be found at the following dispensaries in Arizona, just click on the respective dispensary link: