We welcome growth within our DUO family.

Our goal is for our naturally grown products to be available in dispensaries across all of Arizona, providing our quality cannabis to the benefit of all adult recreational consumers and medicinal patients.

DUO is a dynamic and growing firm and we frequenlty have employment opportunities.

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Meet our dispensary team - providing the best customer service possible.

You can meet them in Safford, AZ at Natural Remedy Patient Center. They are our team's experts when it comes to patient care and education.

NRPClogo Whiteback1362 W Thatcher Blvd
Safford, AZ 85546




Our cultivation department is strengthened by a dedicated grow team who work hands on with the plants. They maintain the environments, water and maintain the plants and prevent harmful pests. The work is endless for our cultivation team, they are the groundwork for our brand and product.

Our cultivators assure you they are using only organic growing methods- natural nutrients during watering, pesticide free pest prevention, and the best sanitary practices, keeping in mind this is medicine for all patients. 


DUO's production team is another key piece in making sure we produce the highest quality medicine possible. Our production team is passionate and dedicated to DUO's final product by carefully handling every plant through the harvest, drying, curing, and trimming processes.

DUO's cultivation and production teams work together during harvest. Once the plants are cut down, production assures they are plucked, cured, and dried to their highest standards. Each bud is hand trimmed with delicate expert care to ensure the highest quality is available for you.

We are proud to be honest cultivators and we love sharing our story with you!